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Kontakt 82: The Wayback (July Podcast)
August 21, 2015 11:57 PM PDT
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Wow - Florida was BANGIN this month! From oldskool to nu-skool, the breaks were flowing heavy! So many legends out every weekend, throwing down the real deal. madness. Favorites back to back. Legendary lineups. All just another weekend in central Florida. Tampa is big back on the map now and Orlando is kickin it up a notch. Everyone knows breaks are going to blow up big. It's just a matter of waiting. Shit we might wait forever but the music is primo right now and that's what really matters, right?

I heard so much amazing new material in the last month, that I had to do a throwback set full of some of my inspirations to be a producer and DJ.

All of these tracks bring back awesome dancefloor memories.

Plus Dave London, Rob E, and some other crazy fools were dropping new remixes of old skool jams that really brought back the vibes.

Back in LA now, prepping for Burning Man, Florida isnt just a memory. I'm taking it to the desert with me.

Big ups to Dave London, TJ Fonik, Mazor Promotions, Love & Light, and Sharaz for making so much, including this podcast, possible!


1. DJ Icey - Land Of Boom
2. Sharaz - Bumpin' (Peace To The Hip Hop Crowd)
3. DJ Icey - Pump The Bass (Peace To All The DJs)
4. Sharaz - Dont Wake Me
5. Buzzthrill - Soul Music (Get On Your Funkin Knees Mix)
6. Friction & Spice vs. The Three Wise Monkeys - Work 4 Love (Back To The Old Skool Mix)
7. Infiniti - Children of the 80s
8. Maggotron - The Bass That Ate Miami (Soundchasers vs Hydraulix Remix)
9. 20 12 - Funky Time (Dave London & Filthy Rich Remix)
10. Brad Smith - How Y'all Feel Out There (Kontakt Mashup)
11. DJ Decent - Reflex Speed (Truk's 808 remix) (Kontakt Edit)
12. DJ Fixx -Love-A-Club
13. Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday (Happy Hearts Breaks Remix)

Kontakt 81: BassAnus vs. Kontakt (June Podcast)
August 04, 2015 09:31 AM PDT
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Yep, still running a month behind. But catching up. This ones been done for two weeks, but I've been on the move and prepping for Burning Man so it sat on the desk going nowhere for a while.

There is a huge variety of Breakbeats out today, and some are sort of outside of my comfort zone. BassAnus is one of our label artists who steps up to the plate to take car of throwing down the more new school and aggressive noize.

This month we did a tag team set which came together great, putting together some of the freshest new school sounds with some killer oldskool beats and mash up material.

BIG ups to BassAnus for taking care of the jams, and for keeping it weird!


1. Bassbin Twins - The Lock
2. DJ Hero - Whack Job
3. Rob Analyze - Bring It Back
4. Short Stack - She Goes Like (Wes Smith's Califunkya Remix)
5. Agent K, Si-Dog - Ya Heard
6. Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (Merlyn's Kendall Bump Rideout Edit)
7. The Lonely Island feat. Lil Jon & Sam F - When Will The Bass Drop (Lo IQ? Remix)
8. Beta - One
9. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (Hybrid remix)
10. BreaksMafia - Energise (Aggresivnes Remix)
11. Mr Smith - Vaskinsane
12. Wes Smith, The Juice Squad & BumpR StickR - Better at Night (Mutantbreakz Remix)
13. Si-Dog, Bradley Drop - Gunna Be Mine
14. Stanton Warriors - Pop That (Stanton Warriors Poppin Mix)
15. Audio Redux - Flatline (DJ 818 ReLick)
16. Felguk - Blow Out (BreaksMafia Breaks Remix)
17. Wes Smith vs. Zedd - Stay The Night (Wes Smith's Booty Juice Remix)
18. The Prodigy, Botnek - Warriors Feel It (The Loops Of Fury Bootleg, DJ Hero Re-Rub)(Kontakt Edit)

Kontakt 80: Procrossdanation - May Podcast
June 30, 2015 04:15 PM PDT
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Between travelling to far away places and sitting around without decent broadband internet for the last month and a half, I put off mixing my podcast for an entire month.

So this one is as late as ever.

If I wasn't so in to being seasonal, I would only have numbers for these. That's my plan for the upcoming podcast from Kontakt Recordings called UDM - Underground Dance Music.

I hope to get it launched soon!


1. Slighter - Devil's Details (Future Funk Squad Remix)
2. Mafia Kiss - It Began in Detroit
3. Sharaz - Shake Dat Thang (Extended 12" Mix)
4. Wuki - Rock It
5. Future - Move That Doh (DJ Icey Remix)
6. Aaron Sigmon - Booty Bump (Breaks Mix)
7. Stanton Warriors - Pump Up The Jam
8. Beta - Drop
9. Worthy - Get It
10. Geon - Tutmosis (Colombo Remix)
11. Geon - Oinika (Kontakt's Space Bass Edit)
12. The Prodigy - Spitfire (Future Funk Squad's VIP Remix)
13. Emetore & Caitlin Zarrella - Undefined (Guau Remix)
14. Audiohazard - Human Nature (Geon Remix)
15. Under This - Re Activate
16. Designer Drugs - In Your Eyes (Wuki Remix)

Kontakt 79: Outta Here - April Podcast
May 01, 2015 03:39 PM PDT
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I'm back on the road for the rest of the year! For half of April I was lucky enough to enjoy some killer weather, vibes, and adventures in SoCal. Much needed. The tacos were plentiful! So were the beats of course. Fresh style. Fresh beats. Fresh meats. Refridgerated meats. I don't know where I'm going with this, but who reads it anyway?

This change of seasons has got me deep in to Breaks again and Florida is on the horizon. Check back next month with an even sicker, straight from the epicenter breaks mix from Orlando!

1. Roboteknic - True Mystery (Retroid remix)
2. Brox-Bit - Ragga Style (thec4 Remix)
3. Wuki - Talk
4. Black & Blunt - Beats Y'all (FTW Remix)
5. DJ Fixx - Drop The Bomb
6. The Brainkiller - Beyond
7. Perfect Kombo - Intercooler
8. Drumattic Twins - LFO Soup
9. Stanton Warriors - Bodywork
10. KL2 & Thec4 - Booty Moves
11. A-Trak feat. Oliver - Disco Nap (Merlyn's Subs In The Disco Edit)
12. Zomboy - Patient Zero
13. Hydraulix - I Know, I Know
14. DJ Fixx - Throwback
15. Thec4, Funk U - Gravity (Funk U Remix)
16. Stonewash - Sex Machine
17. Colombo - Like This
18. Boothe - Epicahol

Kontakt 78: Just A Reminder - March Podcast
April 07, 2015 10:24 PM PDT
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This is just a reminder to myself, and all of you, that life does exist outside of a boring and repetitive daily, weekly, monthly routine.

There are fun things to do out there, despite how long we sometimes end up doing nothing.

Winter is over, I'm done with sticking on the East Coast. Los Angeles and the rest of the world awaits. I'm catching a plane and taking some crazy beats with me. The end of the road is Burning Man.

Follow my adventure!


1. Hydraulix - I Know, I Know (Ashrock Bonus Kuad) (Kontakt's Magic Edit)
2. Jesse Slayter & Wuki - Rock Them Bells
3. Ape Drums & 2Deep - Move That Butt (Wuki Reboot)
4. JDOUBLE - Left Or Right
5. Wuki - Talk (Tony Quattro Remix)
6. Deekline & Wizard - Ready For Your Love (Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx Remix)
7. Spank Rock - 2 Nasty (SCNTST Mix, Boys Noize Edit, DJ Icey ReRub)
8. Alex Metric - Rave Weapon (Merlyn's PLUR Pistol Re-Fix)
9. Bassbin Twins - Floorwerk
10. Ookay - Stars Wars (Perfect Kombo Breaks Bass Mix)
11. Duck Sauce - NRG (Stanton Warriors Re-Sauce)
12. Stanton Warriors - Jerk That (Dustin Hulton Remix)
13. Trop Killas - Baby Baby (Phat Kidz Edit)
14. Merlyn - Jock The Bells (SP 1200 Version)
15. Loops Of Fury - I Need (Merlyn's I Need Bass Edit)
16. Defkline - Bass Shaker
17. DJ Fixx - We Run This
18. DJ Hero - Celestial Bodies
19. Aaron Snapes - Drum Beats (Kirin Rider Remix)
20. Deekline - Gotta Believe

Kontakt 77: Before I Was A House DJ - February Podcast
March 09, 2015 09:08 PM PDT
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Yeah, before I was a house DJ, I was a trance DJ. I spent a long time spinning my favorite music and really loved spinning it. But I was out one night at Limelight in NYC, and this guy D:Fuse who I talked about before was opening up for Scot Project, my favorite trance producer.

D:Fuse spun such an amazing, mind opening set, that I forgot who I went to the club to see! He was promoting his Bring The Drums act and his People 3 CD. Both are amazing. If you don't own People 3, you need to buy it. People 2 is also awesome, but doesn't have the live music element of People 3 that really makes it in my opinion one of the best Dance mix CDs of all time. I realized that I would never get gigs to play trance, but house was something that I could use to sell myself to promoters as a DJ they want to book.

But enough about house, this is a trance podcast. Not the kind of trance you all hear with my yearly trance mix. This is the hard stuff. The stuff i really used to live for out on the dance floor. This music defined me as a raver, as a dancer, as a force to be dealt with in the dance circles of the NYC rave scene. The music in this mix is really hard and high energy, and awesome to dance to, if you are physically up to it. I used to train just to go out to raves where I knew some of this stuff would be played. Now I just dance more so I don't have to train at all.

All tracks ripped from 12"

Yes I made studio edits of course big smile

On with the music!

Kontakt 76: This One Time, I Was a House DJ - January Podcast
February 08, 2015 10:45 PM PST
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Well, honestly, I've been a house DJ for a really long time, and never changed. But I do play other things too. It's all about the setting and the vibe to me. I make sure that no matter where, and no matter what I'm playing, I feel like the music I am throwing down is really a part of who I am. DJing is how I let people in, get them to know me. There's always that one person on the dancefloor who I can tell totally gets it more than anyone else. One smile stands out from the rest. Maybe theres even one of you who gets every podcast I put out that much more than everyone else out there. I'm pretty sure there is, just by definition.

It's honestly been a while since I put out one of my more standard podcasts. Thing's have been really exciting musically for probably about a year now, and I've been able to get back in to some genre's I thought I would never hear from again. Over that time though, I picked up a bunch of really great house tracks that I play out live, but haven't really put in to my real podcast format. Let's see how long I can keep this house going this time big smile


1. Bedrock vs. Breach - For What You Jack Of (Kontakt's Jack On Mashup)
2. Radio Slave - N.I.N.A. (Ame Remix)
3. The Signal - Solen (Satoshi Fumi Ultra Marine Remix)
4. Bad Taste - Shitty Rave Music (Kontakt's Percussive Edit)
5. Kamisshake - Dark Beat (Deadmau5 Vocal Remix)
6. 16 Bit Lolitas & Glowfield - Reefteef
7. Jay Lumen - Get Ready
8. Breach - Jack (Taiki & Nulight Remix)
9. Lissat & Voltaxx, Block & Crown - Dangerous Society
10. Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza 2007 (Chus and Ceballos Midnite X-Press Mix)
11. A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Too Much
12. Foamo - Sherlock (Taiki & Nulight remix)
13. Wilkinson - Take You Higher (Foamo Remix)

Kontakt 75: Its Been A While - December Podcast
January 18, 2015 05:10 PM PST
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Here it is! The long awaited, annual Winter Trance Throwdown! Youve got to dance faster and harder to keep toasty this time of year where I am from. Not where I usually spend my winters... but that's where I'm from... It's been a warm and also very cold winter so far for me. It wasn't all that cold in Italy and Florida but up here near NYC, it has been. Global warming at the dawn of another Ice Age is really mixin it up!

I've been travelling a lot and hearing a lot of different kinds of music lately. I also have my laptop back up and running so I can at least attempt to catch up on time and get my podcasts out end of the month. So this one is only 3 weeks late. Partly because I put a lot of time in to finding the tracks and getting decent copies of hard to find tunes, and also partly because I've been working really hard lately and spend my free time playing video games instead of working on music.

But I found the time to get a head start on two more months of music, and also put together this amazing trance mix for everyone to enjoy this winter with some hot spiced cider or cocoa whatever is your bag. I'm more of a cider kind of guy.

Enjoy the mix and STAY WARM!

Track List:

1. Ben Brown - City Streets (Kris B & Nosmo Remix)
2. Proff - Little space
3. Above & Beyond - You Got To Go (Kyau & Albert Remix) (Kontakt Edit)
4. Armin van Buuren - The Sound Of Goodbye (Nic Chagall Drumbeat Re-Edit)
5. Cramp - RU116 (Tritonal Remix)
6. Sunscreem - Coda (Kontakt Cut)
7. LNG - Hoover Damn (Lange Mix)
8. Free Radical - Surreal (En-Motion Remix)
9. LNG - Harmony Will Kick You In The Ass (Lange Mix)
10. Slusnik Luna - Sun (Kontakt Edit)
11. The Flyers And Mike Sonar - Supreme (Daniel Kandi Remix)
12. Mike Koglin - The Silence (Sasha Virus Remix)
13. Taucher - Pictures Of A Gallery (Kay Cee Remix)
14. Aurora - Ordinary World (Above & Beyond Remix)
15. Binary Finary - 1998 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
16. Filo & Peri - Shine On (Activa Remix)
17. Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert - Megashira (Ronski Speed Remix)
18. Jaytech - Stranger (Kyau & Albert Remix)
19. Solarity - DNA
20. Golden Coast - Ivory (DJ Scot Project Remix)

Kontakt 74: K.W.A. - Gangsta Trippin (Live in LA) - November Podcast
December 10, 2014 09:11 PM PST
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I'm pretty pissed off. Podcast is almost 2 weeks late, and it's not even the podcast I had planned. Guest mix here is from a side project where I am DJ PCP of The B.D.C. rap group (Black Diamond Crystal Crew). This set is pure Kontakt With Attitude.
My laptop finally ate shit from bring lugged around Burning Man two years in a row without being disassembled and cleaned. THe cooling fan literally has disintegrated. The fan went out and the replacement from china never came, and the replacement from the USA was DOA. Still waiting on a new one.
I've got a host of tracks I've been working on in there as well as plenty of great material for the next few months of podcasts. All is not lost but I am pretty impatient and was really on the cusp of a few musical breakthroughs in Los Angeles right before the system went down.
But this is a perfect opportunity to share one of my live sets from a rave in Los Angeles three Novembers ago. I was supporting act to the headliner and for some reason got kicked down to opener when the headliner couldn't make the flight last minute from overseas. Needless to say, I was pissed as shit. SO I decided to spin a (mostly) Gangster Rap set because I'm a real fan of oldskool hip hop to vent my anger. The second DJ didn't show so I played my full 1.5 hour set also as a bonus. Then the cops came and shut it down. It was all Kontakt all night. I felt better about the whole thing after this.

Fuck your tracklist. People loved this set.


Kontakt 73: Outta The System - October Podcast
October 31, 2014 04:15 AM PDT
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Wow what an insane month I've had in Los Angeles. I'm not supposed to be on this coast right now, but the West has proven itself to be the best for me once again. Back to back to back weekends with no end in sight, every one a classic one to remember. Sometimes things don't go as planned, but you learn later it was all part of a greater plan. To party constantly and dance for hours until the sun comes up.

The podcast this month is an old mix I did back in 2009 for myself to explore current music and make connections to classic rave and oldskool hardkore jams. I re-edited the mix, remastered it, and changed it up a little for this month's edition.

I want to thank all the raver heads out in Los Angeles and around the country that I met in the last month. it's been really refreshing to be around people I feel like I'm family with. I'm pretty weird so I don't get that much!


1. Phantom vs. Ursula 1000 - Zombie Abyss (Kontakt's Festering Mashup)
2. Stupid Fresh - Get The Fuck Up (Bass Kleph Remix)
3. Telepopmusik - Ghost Girl (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
4. DJ Dan vs. Urban Hype - Damage to Trumpton (Kontakt Hardkore Mashup)
5. Dopefish - Who Freaked Who (Electric Soulside remix)
6. Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia (Kontakt's Stupid Fresh Remix)
7. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Udachi Remix)
8. Heavey Feet ft. Peyote - Rude Bwoi (Stupid Fresh Remix)
9. Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Santiago & Bushido Remix)
10. Bass Kleph & Paul Anthony - Helium (Kid Dub Remix)
11. Azzido da Bass - Dooms Night (Crookers Remix)
12. Chad Jackson - Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
13. Miles Dyson - Minimal My Ass (Da BoogieBoys & Tobz Remix)
14. Shamen - Comin On
15. Foamo - Movin' it Over Here (Stupid Fresh remix)
16. Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico (Dirtysyncomix)
17. AC Slater - Vertigo (Matt Cox Remix)
18. Deekline - Smoke Da Reefer (Twocker Remix)
19. Awesome 3 - Don't Go
20. Quadrophonia - The Wave Of The Future (Large Mix)
21. Drop The Lime - I Love NY (Baobinga's Fuck Up Like Woah Remix)
22. Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats (Micky Slim's Block Mockin' Bleep Remix)
23. Reckless - Reckless Carnage (Less Recked Mix)
24. Quadrophonia - The Man With The Masterplan
25. Math Head - Turn The Music Up (AC Slater Remix)
26. Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison
27. CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Twocker Remix)
28. Brad Slims - Kill The System (Stupid Fresh Remix)
29. DJ Fixx - Shake It Naughty (Electric Soulside Remix)
30. Channel X - A Million Colours

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