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Kontakt 72: Live @ Feelin' Saucey - September Podcast
September 30, 2014 09:33 PM PDT
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What can I say about this night? It was totally amazing opening up for the man who turned my ears on to House almost 8 years ago. D:Fuse changed my life! It was a huge, huge honor to set up the floor for him at Feelin Saucey. I waited years for this moment... It was worth it. Sharing smiles with someone I look up to so much for his great music and live act skills behind the decks was something I'll never forget. Can't wait to do it again!

It was really great to play in a warehouse again. It's been a while! So I opened up pretty strong with a bunch of my exclusive mashups and twisted house bangers. Mission Control is an awesome space for a party!

Recorded live @ Mission Control in Los Angeles.


1. H Man vs. Fatboy Slim - What The Manga (Kontakt's 2.5 Month Mashup)
2. Maetrik - The Poem
3. Mic Newman vs. Oliver Twizt - Gangsterdam Sally (Kontakt Mashup)
4. DJ Remo vs. Zodiac Cartel - Black Vudu (Kontakt's Swampy Mashup)
5. Celeda - The Underground (Dubsativa Remix)
6. Sneaker Pimps vs. Monoman - Spin Spin Crazy (Kontakt Mashup)
7. Harry Wolfman - High Juice
8. Dual Method vs. David Jach - Slave Never (Kontakt's OMG Mashup)
9. Mark Knight - Your Love
10. Bad Taste - Shitty Rave Music
11. WhiteNoize, Nima G - Haters Get Mad
12. Crazibiza & Dave Aude - Hustlin
13. Sonic Future - Move Your Hips
14. Jay Lumen - Dusty Memories
15. Hoxton Whores - The Message (Alex Kenji Remix)
16. Tensnake - Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)
17. Audio Jacker vs. Funkajazz - Mambo (Audio Jacker Remix)
18. The Salsoul Orchestra - 212 North 12th St. (WhiteNoize Remix)
19. Mark Knight & Discoworker - The Diary Of A Studio 54 DJ
20. Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon (Jay Lumen And Umek Hey Baby Remix)
21. Suicide Kings - Spell On You (DJ Dan Mix)
22. UMEK - Cvile Mi Jaja (Groovebox Remix)
23. WhiteNoize - Party Time (Mike Balance Mix)
24. Solution - Feels So Right (WhiteNoize Remix)
25. D:Fuse & The Scumfrog - Stereo & Video

Kontakt 71: Live @ Burning Man 2014 - August Podcast
September 18, 2014 07:10 PM PDT
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Here it is, super late and just in time to be replaced by another live mix from my gig with D:Fuse next weekend!

But to keep with my consistency and the spirit of the podcast, the mix is now up!

Burning Man was insane as usual! Heres some flava from my sets out in the dust this year big smile


1. Drumattic Twins - Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte 2010 Disco Edit)
2. Colombo - Keep It Down
3. Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner - Conscindo (Merlyn's Boot The Boot Re-Work)
4. Geon - Super Extreme (Colombo Remix)
5. Myagi & Johan Soh - Still (Beta Remix)
6. Guau - 3d
7. Hanzee, Kid Panel - Pumpin (Guau Remix)
8. Guau - I Hate Mtv (Kontakt's Oldskool Beats Mix)
9. Peo De Pitte - Oldskool In The House
10. Geon - Alpha Scream (Colombo Remix) (Kontakt's Massive Vocal Shit Mashup)
11. Hunter Vaughan - Ragnarok (Beta Remix) (Kontakt Krazy Ill Vocal Mashup)
12. Friction & Spice - Groove Me (Kontakt Edit)
13. Geon - Like Dis! (Retroid Remix)
14. Beta - Mad Rhythm
15. Electric Soulside - Venusia (Lee Coombs & Kostas G Remix)
16. Millions Like Us - Luminary
17. Refracture - Lift Me Up (BETA Remix)
18. The Freestylers - Falling (Stanton Warriors Remix)
19. Kid Digital - Bangin Machine (Beta Remix)
20. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (DJ Genesis Wicked Breaks Remix)

Kontakt 70: Drive - July Podcast
August 01, 2014 11:26 PM PDT
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I did a nice road trip from New York to Florida and then over to Texas over the course of about a month and a half. From there I hopped in a plane and flew off to L.A. It was a great drive and I got to see a lot of people I don't usually get to see.

I can't really say much about how much the Dallas area loves dance music, but I can say that my time there really helped me get ready for how different the music is on the West Coast from the East Coast.

No news really - getting ready for Burning Man again and have some crazy gigs lined up! Really excited to rock it once again, for the 5th year in a row. Bringing out a pretty big sound system myself too this time. Half the size of Duck Pond. Next year, it will be just as big big smile

Check out the new Kontakt Recordings facebook fan page smiley


1. Geon & The Brainkiller - Live Plastic (The Brainkiller Remix)
2. Beta & Karl Sav - Iron Peach
3. The Brainkiller - Lost Dimension
4. Kid Digital - Bangin Machine (Beta Remix)
5. Blacklist - Mind Games (Guau Mix)
6. Wardian - Lobo (Guau Remix)
7. Beta - Crazy (Kid Digital Remix)
8. Refracture - Lift Me Up (Beta Remix)
9. Under this - Ruff Stuff (Dub Mix)
10. Millions Like Us - Luminary
11. Sidney Samson, MC Gee, The Flexican - Do You Like Bass + Armand Van Helden - Phreeknik (Kontakt Edit)
12. Stanton Warriors - Blaze (Baobinga & ID Mix - Stanton Warriors Edit)
13. Lars Moston & Philipe de Boyar - So Sick
14. The Brainkiller - Beyond (Guau Remix)
15. Guau - Antiaereo 13
16. Geon - Subtronic
17. Kid Panel - The Last Trip (Guau Remix)
18. Colombo - You DonĀ“t Stop

Kontakt 69: Booty Sweat - June Podcast
June 30, 2014 08:26 PM PDT
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WOW. Podcast 69. Definitely should do something special for this one. Like something with XXX rating and copious amounts of Booty, Ass, and Titties... It shall be done! After the last few months back in Florida only one thing made sense to me for #69, and that's what I threw together here for you to hear. There could be more booty in it but I still had to keep it along the lines of the music that I actually would play out, so its phresh and funky but has moar bass than your average Point of Kontakt.

This month totally vibes with the high 90's temperatures and high 90's humidity percentage in Florida right now. Booty Sweat is absolutely inevitable. It's all pretty self explanatory. Infused with booty, ass, sweat, titties, jiggles, dolla billz, gol chaynz, and reemz - this month will make your booty sweat. A funky breakz podcast with a juicy ass in the center.

Thanks again to all the DJ's worldwide dropping the funky florida beats!

Recorded live in booty sweatin Orlando, FL


1. Beta - Mad Rhythm
2. Agent K - Motor City
3. Electric Soulside - Venusia (Lee Coombs & Kostas G Remix)
4. Bella - Booty Call
5. Kry Wolf - Concrete (Woz remix)
6. DJ Dynasty - Side 2 Side (Phat Kidz Remix)
7. Bro Safari - THAT A$$ (Systemattic's Bring It 2 Tha Floor Edit)
8. Johnny Dangerously - Freak that Body, Dat Booty
9. All Good Funk Alliance - Time To Get Loose (Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx Remix)
10. M.I.A. - 10 Dollar (DJ Security Remix)
11. Agent K - GOLO
12. The Freestylers - Falling (Stanton Warriors Remix)
13. Wes Smith & The Juice Squad - Hot Mess (DJ Fixx Remix)
14. Bella - All My Bitches
15. Intiman - Suck My Dick (Guau Remix)
16. UFO Project - Back To The Old Skool
17. UFO Project - Take Me To The Top (Beta Remix)
18. The Brainkiller - Juggling (Geon Remix)
19. Geon - Super Extreme

Kontakt 68: The Source - May Podcast
May 31, 2014 09:41 PM PDT
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This month is numbered at 68. I know I skipped a month. Some time back in 2010 I screwed up my numbering and I didn't realize it until just last month. Uploading all these old podcasts to mixcloud forced me to get things done properly. There is no phantom podcast anymore!!!

This month is a break beat mix I did on 12" back in 2008. It was pretty retro then and even more retro now!

Since I'm 2 months in to the breakz right now I figured its a great time to share this with everyone. It is full of smashing tracks that you will pretty much never get to hear anywhere, especially nowdays.

A lot of the tracks I got from Agent K in a big stack of vinyls I picked up from him in 2007. Awesome DJ / Producer from Tampa. If you don't know who he is, look him up and check out his tracks, he is still putting them out today and they are wicked big smile

No track list on this one, you couldn't find most of them to download anyway. 12" only!!!

Expect more direct from Florida coming next month - 1<3

Kontakt 66: East Side West Side - April Podcast
April 29, 2014 07:21 PM PDT
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Not much new this month. Been back in the studio working on edits and mash ups. I'm hoping to get in the mood to put some serious time in to make a new album. I've been talking about doing that for two years now and I haven't though. It's possible it never happens. But it's also possible it happens very soon. Only time will tell! I've been super motivated lately so that's a plus. Check out the mix full of mashups edits and bonus material smiley

As always you can dig up tons more HIGH-BITRATE material on soundcloud at

And I'm still working on slowly uploading my podcast backlog to mixcloud at


1. Colombo - Classic Approach
2. Guau - I Hate Mtv
3. Peo De Pitte - Oldskool In The House
4. Geon - Alpha Scream (Colombo Remix)
5. Hunter Vaughan - Ragnarok (Beta Remix)
- Mike & Charlie - I Get Live (Fatboy Slim Remix) Acapella
6. Friction & Spice - Groove Me
7. Vandal - Ulysses (Electric Soulside Remix)
8. DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie - Undrgrnd
9. Bella - Beats In My Trunk (Mafia Kiss Remix)
10. Peo De Pitte - Dis Shire (Move Ya! And Steve Lavers Mmix)
11. Geon - Sonorous (Colombo Remix)
12. Guau - Cyclocosmia
13. Lo IQ Feat. Johnny Dangerously - The Invincisible Wild Style (2013 Revamp)
14. Colombo - Everybody
15. Blake McGrath & Pegboard Nerds - Motion Picture (Perfect Kombo Remix)
16. HeavyFeet & Kovas - We Came To Party (Deekline Product.01 Remix)
17. Guau - Dancefloor
18. Geon - Like Dis! (Retroid Remix)
19. Colombo vs. DJ Mike B - Energy For My Soul (Kontakt Orlando Mashup)

Kontakt 65: In Too Deep - March Podcast
March 31, 2014 05:14 PM PDT
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Back in Orlando! Yeah it's been way, way too long. The breakz have definitely kept super fresh in my absence, that's for sure. Shout outs to the Fundamental Breakz Collective, NLP, and Underground Sound for doing such a good job of keeping Orlando alive for so long! Even on Thursday nights you can go out and hear sick beats somewhere for cheap or even free, spun by LEGENDS.

The last month has been really great for me musically. If you didn't already know, when I started off spinning on 12", it was Florida Breakz - so this is like a trip back to my roots for me. I have been connecting with some of the producers I have't talked to before which is really nice. Being in Orlando, I've been a magnet for sick break beats lately. That and friendly Disney employees. I haven't put much time in to following breakz in a while because i haven't been playing events they would fit with, or even going to them. It didn't take very long to drown myself in this sick music as soon as I planted my feet on the ground in Orlando.

I'm totally on the breakz tip now and I'll be spending a decent amount of time in Florida this year so - expect lots more where this came from.


1. Guau - No Cheese No Music
2. Colombo - Keep It Down
3. Dave London - Black Disc (BreaksMafia Remix)
4. Colombo - Trippin Up
-Jimmy Rhodes - Go! (Acapella)
5. DJ Icey - Let Go
6. Dave London - Don't Call Me Stalker (Club Stalker Mix)
7. Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner - Conscindo (Merlyn's Boot The Boot Re-Work)
8. Digital Breaks Foundation & Retroid - Nighfall (Kultur & Colombo Remix)
9. Geon - Perpetual Motion (Colombo Remix)
10. Hardnoise - End Of Summer (Digibox Remix)
11. Rektchordz - Left Behind (Beta Remix)
12. Geon - Super Extreme (Colombo Remix)
13. Myagi & Johan Soh - Still (Beta Remix)
14. Guau - 3d
15. Shade K - Little Louis
16. Hanzee, Kid Panel - Pumpin (Guau Remix)
17. Colombo - Bluish

Kontakt 64: So About That... - February Podcast
February 27, 2014 01:59 PM PST
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I was back in the studio for the last two months working on some projects that I've put off for way too long. It really paid off - I was able to really focus on this mix and it came out great! February was full of some really great house music in my circles. I've been back in the DC area and it's always been the place for me to go and fill my mind, my body, and my soul, with serious house music. All night long, seriously. I'm really happy to be back there. I only had one gig in February but it really got me in the mood to lay out this studio mix proper. Two months on track selection was really nice to have also smiley That's all the news for this month. Headed down to Florida for March and can not wait to see what the future holds winking

Track list:

1. Claude VonStroke - Aundy
2. Timo Maas - Bite The Dust
3. Timo Maas,Santos,Mutant Clan - Kenesai
4. Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday (Elias R & Victor Escobar Remix)
5. Renato Cohen vs. Tim Deluxe - Just Kick (Carl Cox Remix)
6. Cirez D - The Tumble
7. DJ Falk - Jaana (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
8. Filthy Rich - Revival
9. Crown & Block - We Don't Stop (Santito's Purser Mix)
10. Starkillers & Disco Dollies - Get Up (Austin Leeds Remix)
11. Sidney Charles - About Jack (Sonny Wharton Remix)
12. The Cube Guys, Marco Fratty, L.e.n.i. - The Party
13. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic - The Most Dangerous Game
14. Crown & Block vs Deep Fish - Jackin Radio
15. Solution - Feels So Right (WhiteNoize Remix)

Kontakt 63: SKTTRBRAIN - Emerge - January Podcast
January 30, 2014 12:05 PM PST
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It's been a crazy fun month for Kontakt Recordings! We've been keeping each moment exciting with new parties, been digging up a ton of new music, and have been staying nice and toasty in Los Angeles!

While "DJ Kontakt" himself has been kicking off some dance-floor grooves, such as LA's own Basis techno and house party, he's been having his "little helpers" on the East Coast crank up the volume for the next podcast.

This month's podcast comes from our Philadelphia friend SKTTRBRAIN. If you've been keeping up with us, you may have heard her a few times before. SKTTRBRAIN has had a lot of fun this January hunting down some fresh beats as well as bringing in some new spins on some of our favorite house and techno tracks.

As always, we promise you a pleasurable journey through psyche and sound.

To further connect with Kontakt recordings, please visit our SoundCloud:

And to listen to more mixes from our guest:

Escha- Journey
Jamie Power- The Forgotten Animal
Black Box- Ride On Time (Holt Blackheath Remix)
Walter K- Deepness (Original Mix)
Javier Dunn- Couple Of Drinks (Escha Remix)
In2Deep- 2 Sexy (Original Mix)
Deee-Lite- Pussycat Meow (Justin Corbett Edit)
Escha- Universe
Baluh- The Secret
Marco A- Yo Soy (Original Mix)
Dessben- En Antena
Tony Rohr- Slowburn (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
In2Deep- Silent Film (Hassam Abou Alam Remix)
Davor Gvozden- Et Extincta Luce
Maetrik- Particle House
Minimal Makers- Progressive Techno
Wolfgang Gartner- Flam Mode
FCL- It's You (Shadow Aspect On Acid Mix)
Danny Tenaglia feat. Celeda- Music Is The Answer (Tom Novy Remix)
Soulsearcher- Can't Get Enough (Henrik B Remix)
Matthias Springer- Guanin
Chasing Kurt- Daydream (Original Mix)
Christian Smith- Indecent Exposure
Audiojack- Ameoba
MGHZ- Transit Time
Neurodriver- Sidewinder (Leo Diaz Remix)

Sasha- Cut Me Down (Walter K Remix)

Kontakt 62: The Next Chapter - December Podcast
December 30, 2013 03:10 AM PST
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Oh it's cold outside now no matter where you are now - I'm pretty sure of that. Even in Florida its cuddle weather every night! Every year I tell you all to get your asses on to the dancefloor to keep warm. It works every time!

This month I'm keeping with the last 5 years tradition of a warm fuzzy trance mix that comes out once a year in the winter. Months go in to this one, with track selection, mixing, and editing way better than the standard live mix on the podcast. It's always a blast to put it together and I'm proud of this one every year.

If the world was a different place, I never would have stopped spinning trance. It just wasn't ever going to land me a gig and I thought that I could never be good enough in the studio to produce the genre so I switched over to house and break beats. It was a good move but this is the music I really connect with the most. Maybe some day I will land a gig to play music like this, but honestly there is zero demand for it unless you are a big name. Oh well! Enjoy the mix smiley

And it turns out that I did have some good trance in me to get out in the studio after all:

You can also find the HQ download of this mix up on soundcloud!

This episode deserves a track list - so here you go!

Track list:

1. Todd Terry vs Simone Vitullo - Bounce To The Beat (Simone Vitullo Acid Mix)
2. Mind X - Sensation Seekers (Martin Roth Nustyle Remix)
3. Temple One - Aquamarine
4. Spunuldrick - The Walrus Matias Faint Remix)
5. Oliver Smith - Restless (Signalrunners Remix)
6. Super8 & Tab - Suru (Martin Roth Electrance Remix)
7. Tritonal - Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)
8. The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Everytime I Close My Eyes
9. Super8 & Tab - Helsinki Scorchin' (Bart Claessen Remix)
10. Mike Koglin - The Silence (2nd Phase Remix)
11. Blank & Jones - Miracle Cure (Martin Roth Nu Style Dub Remix)
12. T4l - Biogenesis (Scot Project Remix)
13. Scot Project - C1
14. Bart Claessen - Hartseer (Scot Project Remix)
15. Air Night - Remember (Sylvermay Remix)
16. Mike Sonar & Solis - Firenova (Tritonal Air Up There Remix)
17. Nitrous Oxide And Hodel - Safe
18. Andain - Summer Calling (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
19. Chonburi Sam - Loa (PROFF Remix)
20. Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You (Super8 & Tab Remix)

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